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APS CF064: 4Ltr Chilled Juice Dispenser Single Bowl CF064

£197.43 (£236.92 inc. VAT)

Perfect to keep drinks cold – ideal for restaurants, hotels and bars.


Dynamic GH629: Dynamix Pack MF GH629

£204.38 (£245.26 inc. VAT)

Dynamic GH629: Dynamix Pack MF includes a powerful, quick and efficient Dynamix 160 body, with an emulsifying blade and a


Dynamic MFAP2000 CF016: Master Combi Stick Blender & Whisk MFAP2000 CF016

£865.08 (£1,038.10 inc. VAT)

Dynamic MFAP2000 CF016 is a powerful handheld Stick Blender, Whisk and Ricer for intensive use. It mixes purees and blends


Dynamic MX016 GF348: Senior Mixer XL MX016 GF348

£449.90 (£539.88 inc. VAT)

Dynamic MX016 GF348: Senior Mixer XL is a robust and easy to clean stainless steel hand stick blender. It has


Dynamic MX052 – CF257: Dynamix Pack MX052 – CF257

£174.90 (£209.88 inc. VAT)

Commercial hand-held blender with four blades in pack: two-blade knife, four-blade knife, beater disc, whisk disc, and 1 litre container


IMC C256: IMC 3.5kg Capacity Potato Peeler C256 Potato Peeler

£889.99 (£1,067.99 inc. VAT)

The IMC Potato Peeler VQ3.5 is specifically designed for small to medium sized kitchens requiring a medium output of peeled


King Edward VECTOR25: Vector 25 Baking Oven VECTOR25

£993.30 (£1,191.96 inc. VAT)

If your foodservice operation needs a more contemporary looking way to bake and display jacket potatoes then King Edward has


Multivac Baseline P100: Professional Vacuum Pack Machine P100

£1,616.99 (£1,940.39 inc. VAT)

Multivac Baseline range features transparent & acrylic glass chamber lid, housing made of stainless steel, three program memory spaces and


Multivac C100: Professional Vacuum Pack Machine C100

£2,336.25 (£2,803.50 inc. VAT)

Multivac C100 features compact size, stainless steel construction, microprocessor control and vacuum "quick-stop". This high quality table-top vacuum packing machine


Sammic GL-6: Single Contact Grill – Ribbed Top Plate Sammic GL-6

£337.68 (£405.22 inc. VAT)

Sammic GL-6 features cast iron alloy ribbed upper and smooth lower plate and height adjustable tilting cover equipped with brake.